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Despite many myths about the causes of acne, the main reason for this annoying skin problem is our hormones, and most of us have or will experience acne at some point in life. Whilst acne often starts with puberty, other hormonal changes, such as periods, pregnancy or certain health problems – such as polycystic ovary syndrome –  can trigger acne at any age. It is also believed that acne runs in families, and that if your parents had acne, you are more likely to have it too.

Acne appears when tiny holes in our skin that are called hair follicles become blocked. Sebaceous glands, attached to hair follicles, produce an oily substance (sebum) in order to lubricate hair and skin. When they produce too much sebum (which is what happens with production of certain hormones, such as testosterone), acne occurs, and the extra sebum starts to mix with the dead skin cells, thus blocking the follicle. If the plugged follicle is right under the skin surface, it will push outwards and cause what is know as a whitehead. If the opening is large, it will take the form of a blackhead.

Common myths on the causes of acne range from poor diet, too much sugar, bad hygiene, lack of sex and even chocolate! But there is no evidence to confirm any of those, so before you try to remedy your acne by changing any of the following, seek advice from a professional dermatologist who will be able to confirm what the real cause of your skin problem is.

Treatment Of Acne

Traditional methods of acne treatment involve topical gels or creams containing benzoyl peroxide (for mild acne) or, sometimes, azelaic acid – these can all be bought over the counter; a course of antibiotics for more severe cases; and, if necessary, hormonal treatments. However, all these have limited success in treating acne and have over the years been shown to cause side effects.

In recent years, other treatments have been developed. One of those is Skin AccumaxTM, a course of vitamins and nutrients including the groundbreaking ingredient DIM. We are an authorised distributor of Skin AccumaxTM  – click here for full details and then contact us if you want to get yours.

We also provide Deep cleansing facials as Enzymes Oxygen Rx  with extractions ,  Blue AFT Alma laser treatment which can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.  combination with other treatments (peels, microdermabrasion, skin care products for acne concerns, see the  video on  the page,, advanced facials”).

How does  works?

The light emitted from the BLUE light 420 nm  from Alma Harmony lasers system directly targets overactive sebaceous glands, greatly reduce the number and severity of active lesions, lessening the inflammation and frequency of breakouts . The  GREEN and Yellow AFT light stimulates the production of new collagen to improve skin texture , and also reduce the appearance of red and brown areas os skin that are often associated with acne breakouts.

How is the treatment carried out?

A layer of chilled gel is applied to the skin to help guide the light.Short pulse of light is released.. The  process is repead twice on all areas effected by acne. The gel is removed and the skin is moisturised. During treatment protective eye wear will be provided.

Am I suitable for treatment?

Almost everyone can be treated , apart from very dark skinned ot tanned individuals, If you are pregnant or taking Roaccutane (an acne medication) it is  best not to undergo laser or IPL treatments.

How does the treatment feel?

Treatment is mildly uncomfortable but no anaesthesia is required. Many people describe the sensation as similar to the flick of an elastic band.

What should I expect after the treatment?

Immediately after treatment, the skin may arrear red and a warm tingling sensation may be felt. Typically the skin is cooled to ease any discomfort and cooling gel is applied.

Are there any side effects?

The treated are can become quite red immediately after treatment, but this usually disappears within a couple of hours. Most people experience no side effects. but very rarely a small blister could form or the skin may become temporally lighter or darker.

How long does the treatment take?

A typically treatment session is approximately 30 min. BLUE AFT ligfht  may be combined with  enzymes  or glycolic acid  or microdermabrassion for maximum results.

How many treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments necessary varies from person to person, but typically 6 Intense Pulsed Light and exfoliating treatment will result in a significant improvement.  IPL treatments should take place fortnightly with a glycolic acid peel or microdermabrassion treatment in between IPL sessions.

Consultation procedure.

Prior to treatment you must first undergo a consultation where details about your medical history are obtained in order to confirm suitability. Before proceeding you will be asked to sign a consent form and undergo a test patch.


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