Swich dermal rejuvenation system

Swich dermal rejuvenation system

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SWICH™ dermal rejuvenation system

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance cell function and gradually restores skin to its youthful appearance.

SWiCH™  dermal rejuvenation system is an alternative to non-surgical treatments and chemical peels.

If your skin concerns are:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Brown spots
  • Sun damaged skin

After just 6 monthly SWiCH™ treatments, you will see dramatic results and your skin will look:

  • Tighter and firmer
  • Smoother and more evenly toned
  • Dramatically reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced brown spots
  • Overall more even and luminous

This is a very relaxing and enjoyable treatment (1 hr) and includes a hand, foot or neck and shoulder massage as your bonus treatment.

Recommended for: Aging, sun damaged or environmentally damaged skin

SWiCH™ dermal rejuvenation system & RF treatment

Combining SWiCH™  dermal rejuvenation systemand RF is ultimate anti-aging treatment for tightening and lifting loose skin around the face, neck and décolletage.



  • Allows the natural repair process within the skin to become active.
  • Restores both sun damaged skin and intrinsic skin aging changes.
  • Helps induce repair with minimal epidermal damage.
  • The SWICH™ System is a leave-on system. The active ingredient remains to provide the continuous treatment for repair and restoration.
  • Repeated treatment can be performed at regular intervals without risk of over-treatment

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