Cosmelan® De-pigmentation treatment

Cosmelan® De-pigmentation treatment

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Efficient cosmetic lightening method against skin blemishes caused by melanin.

Cosmelan® is an efficient cosmetic lightening method used for treating pigmentation.  It is an extremely effective treatment that reduces and eliminates skin blemishes caused by melanin, hyperpigmentation or melasma. The treatment increases skin luminosity and improves skin tone.

Prices start from £700 including home care treatment. Two peels are recommended for maximum effectiveness.

What is Cosmelan®?

Cosmelan® treatment guarantees the improvement of the skin blemishes with a very high safety margin. Cosmelan® treats the elimination of melanin patches on the face, known as melasma (or chloasma if the pigmentation occurs with pregnancy).

At ND Skin Clinic we deliver great results combining Cosmelan and Mesoestetic MelanoStop Acid peel, which we apply immediately before the mask treatment at no extra cost.

What conditions can be treated?

Cosmelan works by blocking the process that causes hyperpigmentation. It works for:

  • Melasma
  • Brown Spots
  • Blotchy Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation of dermatitis and acne scars
  • Prevention of hyperpigmentation post-laser and post-peel

What result can be expected?

In 99% of the cases, the disappearance of blemishes improves by 95%… ONE WEEK after starting the Cosmelan® Depigmentation treatment, a noticeable significant improvement of the skin is observed! The reduction of the treated blemish is detected and the appearance of new luminous and rejuvenated skin is present. At the end of the Cosmelan® Depigmentation treatment, the blemishes start to disappear altogether, so that, although the patient may be able to “locate” the place where the spot was, the truth is that the pigmentation will have disappeared and nobody will be able to see it just by looking at it.

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