Cuccio/Essie Natural Manicure

Cuccio/Essie Natural Manicure

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Hand & nail care

Don’t forget to treat your hands as carefully as you treat your face. Hectic lifestyles and variable weather tend to play havoc on our hands, often leaving them dry and sore. Our hands often show their age as much as our face, this is why it’s important to look after them.

Polish manicure (natural nails)

Cuccio is one of the best known product ranges for natural nail care, containing natural ingredients for the best possible results. All our clients nails are analysed individually and treated accordingly with customized base and topcoats for different nails types and choice of nails colours. Includes fragrant hand soak, olive grain exfoliation, skin softening cream and soothing hand massage.


Deluxe manicure

The ND Skin Clinic Deluxe Manicure is one of our most sought after procedures and will truly be one of the finest manicure experiences you will have. This luxury treatment uses intensifying cream and oils. This manicure includes cuticle work, nail shaping, hand exfoliation, hand mask, heated mittens to encourage deeper absorption of the products and a polish in the colour of your choice.

Cuccio professional nail care is one of the largest and best nail product companies in the world.  The Cuccio range of natural products give a luxurious feeling and offers sumptuous fragrances such as soothing milk and honey and anti-ageing pomegranate and fig.

1 hour 10 mins

File and polish for fingers or toes

The nails or toes are shaped and polished with a luxury polish of your choice.

30 min 


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