Lava Shell

Lava Shell

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Lava shell massage treatments, feel the warmth of the tropics…

Lava shells are 100% natural. They are hand selected Tiger Clam shells, so come in different shapes and sizes. Tiger Clam shells are found in the Philippines where they form part of the everyday diet.

Lava shells can be used in a variety of massage treatments offering ultimate relaxation or deep tissue work. Your therapist will use the shells to perform a heated massage.  Lava shells are great on problem areas to release muscle tension and soreness. Genuine Tiger Clam shells heat from within, they are hygienic, non-porous and don’t absorb bacteria or oil.  They are enviromentally friendly.

Lava Shell Massage 1hr £49  30 min £29

What are the benefits of a lava shell massage?

  • Offers deep relaxation
  • Can tackle general aches and pains
  • Benefits menstrual cramps
  • benefits those with digestive problems
  • A general warming treatment, great in the winter
  • Can help with depression, anxiety, feeling blue
  • Can combat stress, lethargy and feeling run down

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