Electrolysis permanent hair removal

Electrolysis permanent hair removal

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At ND Beauty Skin clinic we offer electrolysis permanent hair removal for all skin and hair types for men and women.

Electrolysis was invented in 1875. For over 100 years electrolysis has been recognised as a proven, safe and effective solution for unwanted hair removal.  Long lasting result can be life changing.

  • Electrolysis is medically approved by the FDA as a permanent hair removal
  •  Electrolysis is suitable for all skin types and hair colours – including white, grey, blonde and red
  • Electrolysis works for all clients , men and women all the time, on any area of the body, mostly  suitable on small areas
  • Electrolysis is a real alternative to Laser treatment
  • Course of  10-12 treatments is required.

    Electrolysis is most effective when the hair is in  Anagen phase -its active hair growth . It’s a brilliant method for smaller areas

Men usually choose electrolysis on the face, shoulders, neck and back. There are treatments methods used: Blend, Diathermy and Galvanic. It works by passing a small electric current along the fine probe using a disposable needle into the hair follicle. The hair root meets the dermal papilla where the heat is created and after few minutes the hair is removed and the follicle dies.


At ND Beauty Skin Clinic we offer  electrolysis permanent hair removal as a comfortable and effective treatments using the modern Sterex SX-Blend machine. We only use disposable sterilised electrolysis needles and offer a range of after care products.

Advanced electrolysis by Sterex

At ND Beauty Skin Clinic we pay close attention to ensuring we operate to the highest standards. We comply with all Government Guidelines regarding staff training, insurance, infection control, treatment protocols and health and safety requirements.

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