Callus Peel (hard skin removal)

Callus Peel (hard skin removal)

Additional Info:

This is the perfect additional treatment for people who suffer from rough soles and a build up of calluses on their feet.

We apply an intensive treatment onto the soles of your feet, to return long suffering heels back to soft skin.  Calluses are gently peeled and buffed away with no force and without using blades.  Treatment is completed with a massage and a soothing foot moisturiser. alongside your pedicure.

Alongside your regular pedicure, this treatment is an additional £10 or  £15 as a stand alone treatment.

A callus peel is best applied before a pedicure when the feet are dry. We recommend this treatment every two weeks to keep feet callus free.  A lot less expensive nd much more pleasant than a regular trip to the chiropodist!

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