Caring For Your Skin And Hair In Cold Weather

Written by: Natalia Dmitrijeva Date of published: . Posted in Diode laser hair removal

As the cold weather takes over, our skin and hair need extra help to stay healthy and beautiful. The air tends to be dryer in autumn and winter, made worse by the heating we put on to keep ourselves warm. And dry air means danger for the skin as it removes the thin layer of oil that helps maintain our skin moisture. Little cracks form on the surface, creating an inflammation and making us prone to such things as severe dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and flare-ups.

Hair also suffers in winter, often becoming dry, brittle and unmanageable. And if you think spending time indoors, in a warm heated room, will save you, think again. Indoor heating is almost as bad for your hair as spending a whole day under a hair dryer.

But don’t despair – we have some great tips for surviving the winter.

First things first, here are some basics that will ensure you stay beautiful during cold weather.

– Moisturise as much as possible to keep your skin and your hair soft and healthy.

– Keep up your intake of vitamins and nutrients. Vitamin D in particular is important – it is a great antioxidant, as well as, according to recent and still ongoing research, a great aid in preventing many diseases, including cancer. Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D, so it’s a good idea to get a supplement.


– Get fat – only joking! We are talking about the good fats, such as Omega 3s, 6s and 9s and which you can find in salmon, walnuts, olive oil and, of course, good quality supplements. Not only these healthy fats are good for glowing, beautiful skin, but they also help prevent a whole array of nasty illnesses.

– Maintain a healthy weight and try to resist at least some of the temptations of the Christmas period.

– Exercise. It may be harder to motivate us to get to the gym in the winter, what with the days getting shorter and the appeal of a glass of wine after work growing larger. But regular exercise will ensure good metabolism, which is great for our skin. It will also prevent you from overeating.

– It is tempting to have long hot bubbly baths when the weather turns nasty. However, prolonged contact with water can dry out our skin and hair. Instead, try our Hot Lava Shells Massage which will keep you warm and glowing during winter. Read more about Lava Shell massage here.

– Watch your digestion. What happens in your belly is  almost instantly reflected on your skin and hair. Winter is the time to eat warm, soothing food such as nutritious soups and vitamin-full stir-fries.

– Invest in a good humidifier and keep it by your bed to combat dry winter air.

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