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You should take as good care of your hands and feet as your face. Our hectic lifestyles and bad weather can play havoc on our hands, often leaving them dry and sore. Our hands can often show our age as much as our faces, that’s why it’s as important to look after them.At ND Beauty Skin Clinic Nails Bar, we offer a variety of hand, feet and nail treatments to prepare you for any occasion.

  • CND Shellac –  Soak off Gel Polish 
  1. 14+ days of high-performance wear
  2. Stunning crystal shine
  3.  Zero dry time
  4. Amazing 5-minute removal
  5. No nail damage
  • CND Vinylux – 1 week polish.
  • Essie, Cuccio Natural nail polish
  • Sculptured Acrylic Nail Enhancement
  • Acrylic Nail enhancement
  • Sculptured Gel Nail Enhancement
  • Gel Nail Enhancement
  • Nail art designs


Cuccio – Natural Nails Care

Cuccio is one of the best product ranges for natural nail care. The products contain the highest proportion of natural products for the best possible results. Nails are analysed and treated accordingly with customized base and topcoats for different nails types and choice of nails colours. Includes fragrant hand soak, apple cuticle remover, milk and honey cuticle and nail revitaliser,  cuticle work , skin –softening cream and soothing hands massage.

File and polish for fingers or toes

The nails or toes are shaped and polished with a polish of your choice.

  • Essie
  • Cuccio
  • Vinylux

Sculptured Nails

This type of nail is built up and shaped around a form or to a specific shape by our nail artist. A sculptured nail can take basically any shape that is desired by the client from the practical oval shape to dagger like nails. With a sculptured nail the nail artist will first apply the basic acrylic base that will keep the nail attached to the finger and the natural nail.

After this step is completed, the artist will build up the tip of the nail to the specified shape using either gel or acrylic powder and chemicals. The shaping of the nail does tend to make it a bit weaker so this area is likely to be thicker and a bit bulkier than a typical acrylic nail. Also, since these nails are often free form. This option gives users a bit more freedom when it comes to the ultimate shape of the nail.

Acrylic/ Gel Nails

With a typical acrylic the first step is of course to build up the base. This is going to keep the nail affixed to the finger and to the natural nail. This base is exactly the same, or at the very least, incredibly similar to the base of the sculptured nail. The main difference is in the way that the tip is both built up and applied. With a typical acrylic there is a form that the nail artist will glue to the finger prior to building up the base and all acrylic will be built on that form. This creates uniform nails that are nearly identical to one another and creates a much more traditional and uniform shape. This is often the best option for every day wear and use.


This is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day, especially if you have been standing for a long period of time.  Just close your eyes and take the weight off your feet for an hour.

First  our therapists will disinfect and carefully remove the dead skin on the soles of your feet. Just lie back whilst your toe nails are carefully filed and buffed with full cuticle work followed by truly relaxing warm soak and a lower leg massage with reflexology techniques to improve leg circulation. Your tired, aching legs will feel so relieve after being covered in a cooling gel, balms and oils or wrapped in warm bandages, soaked in reliving and detoxifying oils blend  or  placed into the  heated booties/application of warm paraffin wax for extra hydration. You can then choose a beautiful colour for painting your toe nails to perfection from my specially selected range of Vinylux,  Essie, Cuccio, OPI Natural nail polishes or Shellac, Gelish gel polishes.

 Cuccio Spa Deluxe Pedicure

This a pampering lower legs treatment to exfoliate, detoxify, condition and stimulate circulation. Papain -anti-inflammatory agent and AHA fruit acid complex of the Purify Enzyme scrub are used to dissolve dead skin tissue and regenerate new skin cells. A foot mask is used to boost cellular repair. Intense Heel Repair crème is applied to rejuvenate dry, cracked heels with the restorative power of Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Shea butter.
(Please remember to bring a pair of open toed shoes to wear after your pedicure! )

Callus Peel (Hard Skin Removal)

If you have tough soles and build up calluses on the feet, add an intensive sole treatments to your pedicure. This will only cost you £8 extra ontop of you pedicure as an add on, and you will leave with a soft baby skin and beautiful feet. Your calluses will gently peel off and be buffed away without any force at all and without using a blade. It is ideal for extra hard heels, dissolving stubborn calluses with a powerful exfoliating formula, leaving the skin soft and clean. This is supplemented with a foot massage. The treatment is completed by applying a soothing moisturising cream.

Callus Peel is best applied before a pedicure when the feet are dry. We recommend applying Callus Peel treatment every two weeks to keep feet callus free.  This is cheaper than going to the podiatrist for a foot scale and a lot nicer!

Premium Luxury Pedicure

Marine Spa Pedicure-is  like a facial for a client ‘s  feet, luxurious Marina spa ingredient will  give a last lasting result of smooth, beautiful skin of  the client’s  feet. A stimulating, anti-inflammatory  mineral bath will soften, hydrate  client’s feet. It will helps relieve discomfort of tied, swollen feet. by using  Marine foot soak with  tea tree oil and up-lifting euphacalitus extract.

  • Continued with perfect nail and cuticle care
  • An uplifting Marine salt scrub is an  gently exfoliation to soften and condition the feet.
  • Marine sea scrub will soften dry and  calluses area of the foot  by natural  beach sand, quartz crystals and Marine Alpha hydroxyl acids, cuticle treated with cuticle eraser and  solar oil  for and additional conditioning benefit.
  • For a luxury pedicure we add  Moister pack for the cuticle area and Sea Serum 20% alpha hydroxy acid to the callouses area
  • Marine cooling mask for luxurious pedicure will  invigorate & rejuvenate the client’s  feet with a natural  Spearmint oil, sea extract and conditioning  mineral clay
  • Invigorating foot massage leave a foot  exceptionally soft and non-greasy.
  • As a Finishing  touch- cucumber healing heals therapy-an intensive moisturising complex.
  • The client’s  feet been pampered, hydrated and ready for nails toes vital glow  polish application!

Luxurious Marine Spa  Pedicure treatment by CND products soothe tired soles like nothing else!

Pedicure for HIM

  • File , buffing, cuticle work, foot exfoliation, foot massage
  • File , buffing, cuticle work, callus peel, foot exfoliation, foot massage
  • File , buffing, cuticle work, callus peel, exfoliation, cooling foot mask, heal reaper system, foot massage

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