Mesoestetic Facials

Mesoestetic Facials

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Skin Ageing is a gradual process as changes in the appearance and texture of the skin develops. There are 4 skin ageing stages that reveal the skins biological age (these don’t always correspond to cronological age!)

Stage 1 

  • First expression lines and fine wrinkles
  • Increase in oxidative processes and the action of free radicals
  • Increase in the loss of trans-epidermal water and reduction of amino acid and protein levels
  • Weakening of the cell wall

Stage 2

  • Reduction in the dermal thickness, loss of skin firmness, increase in depth of wrinkles
  • Reduction in the capacity of synthesis of fibroblasts, that entails a reduction in collagen fibres and elastin levels.
  • Reduction in the amount and quality of the structural elements which are part of the support structure of the dermis

Stage 3

  • Gradual disappearance of skin elasticity together with lack of firmness, deep wrinkles
  • Reduction in the number of cells entering maturation to produce the different skin structures
  • Loss of efficacy of the metabolic processes making up for the normal skin deterioration
  • Deterioration of the external epidermis layers and reduction of the quality of the skin support tissue

Stage 4

  • Restructuring of intercellular junctions of the external skin layers.
  • Reduction and loss of metabolic function in the different skin glands (sebaceous and sweat)
  • Hyper keratination of the stratum corneum (rough to touch)

Anti-Ageing treatments by Mesoestetic at ND Beauty Skin Clinic in Prestwich:

  • Energy C
  • Collagen 360
  • Stem cell
  • DNA Radiance

Energy C Treatment: 

Brightening and antioxidant treatment with high concentration of vitamin C and all the expertise of Mesoestetic.  Recommended for first fine wrinkles and expression lines

Collagen 360 treatment: 

Firming treatment for the neck and face with a Collagen 360 designed to combat stage 2 ageing.

Stem Cell Treatment:

Designed to respond to stage 3 ageing, photo-ageing, skin stress, environmental agents. This treatment restore youth by regenerating your skins cells. It is a simple and effective treatment that combines highly renewing and repairing products with an exclusive regenerative massage techniques.

Stem Cell Mesoestetic introduced a new line of cosmetics  designed from plant stem cells and aims to protect the life of existing skin cells, based on the natural ability to self-repair of the skin.

With age, our natural cellular renewal process slows down, our cells lose the ability to function effectively and skin becomes thinner, dull, lined and blemishes appear.

Stem cells are auto reversible, thanks to mitosis and can regenerate to different kinds of cells.  Stem cells can divide, without losing their properties and generate new cells. It s essential to protect them,  for each protected steam cell, thousands of epidermal cell may be renewed, repairing the effect of skin ageing.

We use plant stem cells extract rich in phyto nutrients and protein. Plant stem extract actively protect and reactivate our own derma epidermal stem cells, strengthening the connective tissue structure and improving skin quality and texture. They are stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, providing a strong and deep anti-wrinkle effect on the skin.

Prices for a course of 5 treatments start from £400 including Stem Cell Active Growth cream for home maintenance

DNA Radiance

Global anti-ageing professional treatment for face and neck, extends DNA longevity designed for Stage 4.

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