AH Francis eyelash extensions

AH Francis eyelash extensions

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AH Francis eyelash extension at ND Beauty Skin clinic  in Prestwich !!

With the great pleasure we would like to introduce you The Number 1, leading in UK  AH Francis eyelash company.

What are Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions?

-Semi-Permanent eyelash Extensions are individually applied to each natural eyelash to create a thicker, longer appearance. They look and feel completely natural.They are made from a synthetic material , are water proof and do not damage the natural lashes.
How long will AH Lashes last?

-AH Lashes will last for about 6 weeks.We recommend to infill them every 2, 3 weeks to maintain your perfect look.

How long it takes to apply a full set?

-It takes something about 1,5 h to apply full set.

Patch test is required 48 h before your treatment and please arrive for your appointment wearing no make-up.

Please feel free to ask for advice , our fully qualified AH Francis Lash Technician will be happy to answer all your questions.

We also offer gift vouchers on gift ideas that would suit your partner, friend or someone close.

Simply call us on 0161 773 2799 or book online.

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